Max Anstie offers injury update: Hopes to be back at Orlando 2

Max Anstie has offered an injury update and when we can expect to see him make his 450SX AMA debut. 

The Brit has only had a few days back on the bike so Orlando 1 comes too soon for him but he is hoping to be back for Orlando 2 so we don’t have too much longer to wait for his 450SX AMA debut. 

“I won’t be going to Orlando 1 this Saturday. I have only ridden a little bit of SX in the last couple of days and will need a few solid days (at least) under my belt before I get into racing. If I have a good few days coming up then the plan is to be out there and get my feet wet next weekend at Orlando 2, fingers crossed. Then use the two weeks before Daytona to get up to speed and close to 100%. I’m at 4 weeks since my crash, doing all I can and making steps forward every day”, Anstie stated on social media. 

Pic: Align media