Red Bull KTM manager Ian Harrison on Chase Sexton

Image: Align

Former world champion mechanic to Greg Albertyn and now Red Bull KTM’s team manager in the USA, Ian Harrison has given his thoughts about his newest rider, Chase Sexton on the latest Pulp MX show.

“Riding technique and style and stuff, he could be the best I’ve dealt (worked) with, knowing his limit like Dungey? I think there is something missing there a little bit, but all in all he’s different. He’s different with how he likes his bike, the front and the rear, it takes a while to figure them out and they all explain things very differently. You are trying to look at data and comprehend what they are telling you and sometimes they go in two opposite directions, it can be challenging”.

Harrison said: “I would say from the last four rounds of supercross, we seemed to find something that would stick and we have steadily built on that. I’m sure there’s a lot of people thinking, ‘how can it take them that long to figure out?!’ But it’s not as easy as you would think.”

On Tom Vialle’s success Stateside and winning the 250 East supercross title, Ian said: “I didn’t know Tom too well until I started working with him a year and a half ago. He really only started racing in GPs in 2019, that’s relatively short to his rise in winning two MX2 titles and winning that supercross title, he’s a stealthy one, he doesn’t always look the fastest but he definitely gets the job done, it’s been nice working with him and seeing his progression, he’s a really low maintenance guy, I’m pleased with him so far.”

“I thought it would take three or four years (to win in supercross) for Tom to do it in his second year was really impressive. Now, things definitely went our way, we had a lot of weather races, the rougher the track was, the slower it got and it played right into his hands.”

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