Penalty changes for yellow flag violations in MXGP

Image: Kawasaki Article: Jonathan McCready

After the debacle in France when Romain Febvre lost the overall win at his home GP to Tim Gajser because two other rider were controversially docked 2 positions for jumping on a yellow flag, yet had already had the podium presentation to celebrate and was only told in the press conference he was now second overall, the FIM have made changes.

Now the rider will lose five points, not positions, for a yellow flag violation, a second violation will incur a 10 point deduction in a race with a two position lose in free/timed practice moving up to 10 for a second infraction.

Clearly, this means the embarrassment of what happens in France won’t happen again, as the GP results will now stand and only championship points affected, so well done to the FIM for making effective changes this quickly.