Chase Sexton confident he and Eli Tomac can win the motos at Red Buf MXoN

Chase Sexton is super confident that himself and Eli Tomac can win the motos against the GP guys (and Jett Lawrence) at the MXoN at Red Bud and bring the number one plate to the US on home soil after a decade without a victory.

“I think I can win. I know Eli and I can win at least,” affirmed Sexton in an interview with Josh Mosiman and MXA. “I don’t know if they’ve made a decision on the 250 guy, I gues we’ll see, it will be interesting, I think it’s going to be guys dropping down but who knows.

“I live about 2 hours (away from Red Bud), so it’s going to be a big race for me, that National there is really cool and that race (MXoN) I went and watched in 2018 when they had it there, it wa muddly and it was nothing I ever experienced before, it was crazy. I’m looking forward to that I want to bring back the number one for them becuase it’s been a while and I think we are definitely capable.”

Will the GP guys have an answer for America’s 1-2 without Herlings and Gajser? These quotes might just add to their motivation but there is no doubt Sexton and Tomac are in great form right now and a home MXoN gives the US a big advantage – but 2018 showed the GP riders are fast anytime, anywhere.

Image: Align media