Webb – Motivated to get the number one plate back!

Cooper Webb is excited and motivated to get the number one plate back after not quite defending his 2019 title in 2020.

“I’m super excited after missing the outdoors and back healthy,” said Webb in the pre-season press conference. ” (I’m) looking forward to going racing again. Supercross is always a fun time, to go the way we are racing again this year is definitely different but looking forward to the format and racing a lot more than I guess we normally would, The off-season has been really good, and looking forward to getting behind that gate, it’s new year, new faces, always a lot of good races so we will see where we stand at that first round.

“I think getting it back would be sweet, commented Webb on going back after the number one plate. “It’s a dream come true when you finally get that first championship, it’s what you work for. It’s always awesome to run it (number one plate). Last year was great although we weren’t able to keep it. I think this year the motivation is there again to try and get that on your bike, that’s what you work for and that’s want you want so I think it’s definitely a motivation to get it back.”

Webb is also looking forward to getting the season started in Houston: “I have always enjoyed Houston I think they have some good dirt there. i have raced when it’s super rutty and a little bit more hard pack. I saw there is some weather in Texas so I’m sure it’s maybe a little wet right now. I have always enjoyed that town and that stadium and racing there. I think it’s a good place and hopefully we have some nice weather.”

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The gritty American is always up for the fight and now healthy again will be one of the favorites to wrestle the number one plate off Tomac!

Article: Jonathan McCready

Images: Cudby