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Osborne: I am in a good spot now

Osborne: I am in a good spot now

Zach Osborne feels his 450 outdoor championship last year will provide the change in mindset he needs to be a title contender indoors in 2021.

The 450 US National motocross champ believes that outdoor title and the way he won it, will help him immensely this season season. “I’m not sure if it’s really a confidence thing, I think it’s just the overall mindset of winning the championship in the premier class has changed a little bit for me,” he revealed. “I think that getting the outdoor win and some clutch overalls that I really needed to make that happen, really helped my overall mindset and goal a lot. For me that’s the biggest thing, to check off some of those boxes that needed to be checked and have them in my back pocket.

“I feel really good,” he continued. “I think I got lucky with a couple of weeks of weather where it kind o delayed things so I got a couple of weeks of, not off-time, but just more mellow riding and training, so that helped overall with the mental state, I was really tired after outdoors. I feel like I am in a good spot now, it’s come around for me, I think going forward I can put myself in a position to win these races and hopefully be in it for the title at the end.”

And Zach feels already getting a 450 supercross win will make it easier to win again – even though it will still be tough. “I think easier, obviously with the outdoor title I rolled Salt Lake (momentum) into outdoors. Still, it’s tough, this class is deep. It’s going to be tough to win races no matter how many you have won, this year. It’s possible to say it’s going to be together but you never know.”

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On having three rounds in a week at Houston and not being able to go back to base to fix any settings issues Osborne feelings knowing your bike will be a big advantage. “I think it’s huge, we are all used this whole go to the first race see how it goes, then we will be right there at the shop and the test track and we fix whatever we need to fix or rectify any issues. this year there is no time for that, there is really no resources for that I don’t believe,. I think it’s huge to have a bike you know well, no huge changes to it, and go there on something you feel comfortable with.”

A motivated Osborne fueled by momentum from his outdoor title could be a big threat in 2021!

Article: Jonathan McCready

Images: Cudby