Video: Webb on the rivalry with Roczen

Many people thought that Cooper Webb’s rivalry with Ken Roczen was ignited with Cooper going out with Ken Roczen’s ex-girlfriend (they are now married) but Cooper Webb has revealed on Gypsy Tales that it was actually an Intagram post Roczen did while recovering from his big crash in 2017 that really lit the fire for Webb to go all in to beat Roczen, especially in that 2019 season that saw Webb take his first 450 win and the title.

“It was 2017, he had had his gnarly crash…then, mid-summer,” offered Webb. “I remember on Instagram, he’s an icon and he had all these comments, and someone randomly wrote, “when do you think Webb will find his speed on a 450” and he (Ken) replied, “never, he’s sh*t.” I decided from that day forward that if I ever got my sh1t together, Kenny would never beat me again.”

Webb says he and Roczen are on good terms again now, but it is certainly a modern day rivalry with Instagram the reason behind it all! And like Michael Jordan in Basketball, Cooper Webb took it personal and it gave him extra fight that in turn helped him win his first supercross title.

Get more insight from a very open and honest Webb below, who reveals just how far he was willing to suffer to beat Roczen in 2019: