Christian Craig injury update

Rockstar Husqvarna have offered an update on Christian Craig after his big crash in the whoops at the start of free practice at Glendale, and reveal a couple of painful injuries for the talented former 250 supercross champ, who was showing signs of progress recently on the 450 Husky, in his first full season of 450 supercross.

Following a string of increasingly improved results aboard his FC 450 Rockstar Edition prior to Glendale, Christian Craig had his sights set on a top finish. Unfortunately, he was unable to compete after a crash during practice left him with a briefly dislocated hip and an elbow injury. He was transported to the local hospital for further evaluation.

Christian himself has also posted an update on social media saying: Rough day in AZ. Ended up going down early in first practice. Dislocated hip and dislocated elbow. Was able to get them both put back in at hospital. My elbow is also broke so will be getting surgery on that once the swelling goes down. Appreciate everyone that has reached out- including lots of the guys I race every weekend. And thanks to everyone who was at the hospital with me while @_paigecraig hopped on a flight as well as the mobile medical team for taking care of me. Unfortunately, this is part of the sport and I’ll heal up to be ready asap❤️