Video: Quad comparison – Roczen and Hill

See how Josh Hill and Ken Roczen hit the quad – the only two riders to do it on Saturday night in Cardiff at the WSX!

Roczen told us: “I saw Josh Hill do it once and like I said, I made a couple of little mistakes at the beginning and I didn’t have that clean of a lap so I just figured if I get the three before it clean, then I’m just going to hit it wide open because you couldn’t really over jump a size like that so that’s what I did.”

While Hill said to Gatedrop: “Over the years I’ve just had a really good nack of timing, I won’t usually go for something unless I am 100% sure I am going to make it. I hadn’t seen anyone jump it but I heard Luke (Clout) did it so I was like, well, I gotta go do it!”

Tomac then told us: “It was on my mind, thankfully, it was faster but it wasn’t like to where I was losing all the time, I wanted to do it for the fans but I didn’t man up!”