Chad Reed offers update after Cardiff WSX crash – I’ll be back

After his big crash at Cardiff WSX, Chad Reed has posted a message on social media to reassure fans that he will be back and it looks like he will race again in the future. Despite being 40 years old he clearly still loves the sport and is motivated to get back racing. 

“I’ve loved the past 12 or so weeks getting to challenge myself. It brought realization to just how awesome Supercross as a sport is! Also has made me acknowledge with how soft and fearful most people live, blows my mind how threatening a 40 year old retired guy enjoying a little grind and a few races can be to some”. 

“What happened last night is unacceptable and I don’t care if you’re 16 or 60 years old, no one should have to be concerned a fuel pump will go out while enjoying your favourite sport! I’m frustrated, mad and beyond disappointed with being broken. But you just have to dig in and ask the right questions, try to implement things to eliminate the issue happening again. These broken bones feel no different from my first broken bones at 10 years old This picture makes me smile! You better believe I’ll be back for more hard work and SX grind. Thank you MDK motorsports for letting this big kid feel WSX championship racing again”, Reed stated on social media.

Pic: WSX