Video: Ken Roczen talks to James Stewart – free agent as Honda withdraws offer!

James Stewart talks to another generational talent, and former rival, Ken Roczen with the German saying he is now a free agent, and having an offer from removed Honda because he is racing WSX!

“This last week, it’s a funky feeling. Basically I am a free agent at this point which is kind of crazy,” said Roczen. “It was ultimately these races, (WSX) I committed too, I haven’t raced in Europe in a long time and I have never been to Australia. The deicisions to do these races was fairly easy, it is the right time time, especially this late in my career.

“This isn’t a full series yet and I had the opportinity to make that deal. It was a shocker to me but Honda decided to pull the offer that they gave me a week or a couple of weeks ago, which by the way was a great offer, if I wanted to go and chase the money then that would have been the smart thing to do. But I have commited to these races and I didn’t want to leave fans hanging, a lot of people don’t have the money to come over and watch us race, so for me to go back to Europe and Australia and have a little bit of vacation, I wasn’t ready to disappoint the fans an Honda shockingly pulled the offer.

“I am a free agent… I am not waiting for a fill-in ride or hoping someone gets hurt but if a team is willing to give me an offer, and they legitimately want me to ride for them, I am available and super motivated for 2023,supercross and motocross, I am going to prepare as if I am going racing.”

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Interestingly, Jason Weigandt tweeted a few days ago about the hostility between the AMA teams and the FIM following the Supercross split between the two sanctioning bodies:

Listen to the full revealing, honest and candid interview with Ken about his situation and his split from Honda below:

Image: Honda