Rider quotes MXoN pre-race press conference – live

Birthday boy Cairoli: “First of all I am super happy to be in the team again after so many eyars of riding I can finally wear the number one plate, I was looking forward to this. Racing in America a few rounds was good, it’s not like a full season, you miss the race pace. I feel great, we will try to do our best. Our goal is to be on the podium again and we have the full capacity to be there and we will do our best.

“Last year my wish was already to win and then this year I wanted to be here and be in shape, that’s why I did some races. I really wanted to race with the number one plate at the MXoN, especially here in America, it’s special.”

“There were some comments when I was coming up and winning (in MX2 GP) that the fastest guy was in America. But now it’s nice (to meet the US fans and the respect they show).

Tomac: “It’s great to have a redemptive round, ’18 wasn’t good at all! We have a lot of confidence in our team, personally for me it was a great year indoors and out. It very well could be my last team USA, i only have supercross contract next year. We are just going to give it our all. I think it;s a good pressure I hope we can put 18 behind us, I know how we were riding all summer and we are going to be in a good position.

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Cooper: “I think this weekend will be easier on us becuase it’s int he USA. I took a lot away from Assen both good and bad. We look to start on the right foot tomorrow.”

Sexton: “This is definitely a unique race and being the first time on team. After battling Eli now having the same goal to win this race. If we can ride how we rode all summer I think we will be in a good spot. I have to keep my head on the goal. I’m excited to be here. It’s perfect storm, my first MXoN and it is 2 and a half hours from where I grew up and familiar with this track. This race means a lot to me, I have put a lot of effort in. It takes pressure off knowing if I ride how I ride all summer we should be in a good spot.”

Jett Lawrence: “It’s been good, it’s a whole new learning curve, the 450 is different bike and harder to set up. It’s been a fun experience and first MXoN, hopefully we can put the Australian colours up there. I think it’s just trying to get the confidence, it sjhould be fun, hopefully we can keep all spokes intact!

Hunter Lawrence: ” It’s something you always dream of, I believe we have an amazing team. The fact mitch is here (as well as Jett) -we raced each other as kids. It’s the first time we have the A team of the new generation of Australians.”

Evans: ” For sure we have a lot more experience this year, we have all been on the world stage, we are in a really good position to fight for the podium if not the win. Really exciting times for Australia, we go a long way back, the earliest I can remmber Hunter and I racing was 07/08 we have always been really good family friends. For me when I was kid ducktaping him to a portaloo, certainly didn’t see ourselves representing Australia.”

Seewer: “I’m looking forward big time. In 2018 it was a bit muddy it looks better this weekend. The fastest riders on the planet are here, I have had a good season, I am ready, let’s do this. I flew here last Saturday and spent some time with Hunter and Jett on stock bike and had some fun. Now we are here and the track is looking good, I am excited.”

Prado: “

Geerts: “It’s been really fun (riding in America the last ten days), I did a lot of riding at the Star rtacing facitiliy, I really like the 450 and feeling really good. Hopefully we can get on the podium for team Belgium, it will be tough but I am really motivated to do my best and get a good result for Belgium.”

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Everts: “I am a bit more excited because everybody is race, I am very excited to be racing. It’s hard to say about expectation, there are a lot of guys we don’t usually race, i just want to get the best out of myself out there.”

De Wolf: “Track looks pretty good, it’s a little bit sandy, I think it will be good for me. It’s my first time ever being in a America, it’s all very new to me but I will enjoy it.”

Coldenhoff: “I spent some time in Florida doing some training. Feeling really strong and very motiviated, after last time with some good memories, I’m looking to do well here.”

Renaux: “Last time in Assen, it was the first race for me and a lot of pressure, we didn’t have the ebst luck. This time I am better prepared, another man I would say. This year my rookie season on the 450 went really well. I feel really at home on the 450, i am ready to get on track and fight with the best in the world.”

Ferrandis: “Yes I am 100%. It was not a great season with crashes and injury. Now it’s good, my body is back to 100%, I am feeling back to where I was last year, very happy to be here. This event is always so important for every racer. We as a team are very ready and i think we have a chance to win.”

Prado: “First of all I’m super happy to come here and represent my country. I’m super excited for us with this time, hopefully we can make a good reuslt. My Gp season was okay hopefully this weekend will be bette. I’m going out to fight for the win, that’s my goal this weekend. We have a good strong team, it’s important to have no mistakes and good starts. I hope for top five and if we dream a little, maybe a podium.

Anstie: “It’s been a lot of fun, I never did what I really wanted too (in the 250 class), Jeffrey always won evertyhign I thought I woudl never ride a 250 again. My SX team folded and the fireppower team called to say come and test the bike and I really enjoyed it. Now I am back on a 250 and i will race the world supercross and AMA next eyar. It’s unreal how it’s worked out, as my first 250 race in a long time it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

Searle: “Just had a couple of days on the bike but I feel good. I done quite well i the British championship, i really like this event and normally one I perform well at. The track looks really good – I’m not too sure about Larocco’s leap – it’s a bit scary!”

Wilson: “Getting the opportinity to be here is very special. I had a goal to be here from the beginning of the year. I told Mark I would really love to be on the team, I feel I am good enough to get good results. This will be my last motocross race. It’s nice to be here, it feels like another race for me here in the States.”

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