Results: AMA Motocross High Point 450 – Tomac wins!

Chase Sexton went wire to wire to win the opening moto at High Point with Tomac second and Anderson third after having to deal with the fast starting Barcia and Savtagy early in the race as Sexton checked out. But the battle was behind them! Antonio Cairoli started fourth but his bad opening few laps continued and he found himself back in seventh, then he started to get his rhythm and caught Craig only to go down trying to make a contact pass on the American! Cairoli got up in tenth but a lap later he pulled out of the race and now has 40th gate pick for moto two.

Meanwhile Roczen and Dungey had terrible starts but were knocking on the door of fifth place Joey Savagty on the last lap with Dungey passing Roczen right at the end and Roczen, despite his best efforts, unable to get back by in the run to the flag finally finishing seventh.

Ryan Dungey took the holeshot in race two and had an early battle with Ken Roczen for the lead before Eli Tomac and Chase Sexton started pouring on the speed. Roczen did his best to hold off Tomac but eventually Eli and Sexton found their way by and Roczen found himself back in a battle with Dungey – this time for third! But on the last lap Roczen returned the favour from moto one wit Roczen making the move on Dungey to take back third as Tomac took the win five seconds ahead of Sexton.

But it was a bad moto for the other two KTM riders, Cairoli andn Plessinger. Cairoli got a decent start from 40th gate pick on the outside but got pushed off the track and came from the back up to 13th in less than ten minutes before pulled out and complaing on a sore knee -which was apparantly injured in race one.

Then, with Aaron Plessinger having his best ride of the year in fifth, he pulled off the track clutching his lower leg/ankle after going through some ruts and catching his foot in a right hand corner. He soldiered on to take 15th but with KTM not paying Cairoli to race all the rounds and Plessinger seemingly injured, KTM, in the worst case scenario, might just have one factory Orange machine on the track in two weeks – the ever consistent Ryan Dungey.

Image: Yamaha