Reed: Supercross should go global & European mx riders are the best right now!

Chad Reed had some interesting comments when he spoke to the guys at DMXS radio. 

Reed feels supercross should go global, the European riders are the best in motocross and that the US motocross series isn’t the future of the sport in America!

You can listen to the full interview here.

On choosing Husky

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I rode them all I had some loaned to me and I purchased a couple. Right after supercross my Yamaha contract was over. I just rode them on motocross not supercross and narrowed it down, I rode some a it and rode some just for a couple of laps. I narrowed it down to Honda and Husky and rode them on supercross.

The Husky I like it a lot. I was guilty of thinking that a KTM and Husky were the same bike. For whatever reason the positives the KTM had the Husky had but it also felt like a Jap bike, like the way I sat in it. So I ended up choosing the Husky. I’m on my own, buying five bikes, building them up and go racing. I’m excited. This is not a Two Two motorsports, this is me going racing with a couple of people that I feel will help me a lot.

On making supercross global

We are getting to a point were racing dirt bikes cost a lot of money and there isn’t a lot of money out there. We need to go outside N. America, money isn’t getting spent the way it used to be. People want to watch everything on their phone. We need to go to countries that people are willing to go to the events. Tap into Japan’s budget Austria’s budget because North America’s isn’t there.

When Carey and Ricky can’t make it work, you are relying on those big, 2million dollar sponsors. they are far and few between.  Feld are aware of that but the manufacturers are ran by some interesting people.

Supercross needs to change. The scheduling of January through May is only restricted because of the motocross nationals and I don’t think the motocross nationals are the future of are sport. People are not going to like that but for the betterment of the sport I don’t believe the MX Nationals are it. It’s my opinion based on what I know and what I have access too. Supercross have the best interests at heart but they are restricted.

There doesn’t need to be 17 races in 18 weeks and then a weekend off then go pound out 12 weekends through the summer. Losing athletes at 26 years old isn’t happening. I’m doing it for fun because I enjoy it. Dungey is just really turning into a man and ready to take that next step where fans want to hold onto him. I saw it with Jeremy, Ricky and Kevin the fan (appreciation) goes to another level. But these guys (Dungey, Villopoto) are missing out on that.

The amateurs need to have a bigger championship, I’ve never understood the one big weekend of Loretta Lynns, you are making decisions on one weekend.

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Chad Reed at the British GP in 2016 Pic: Yamaha PR

Europeans are the best motocrossers right now

“If you are talking motocross, the best motocrossers right now are coming out of Europe and I’ve seen it first hand from doing a GP. I’ve see the 85 kids, the 125 kids, they are all there representing at that world championship level and they have multiple rounds. You teach them at a young age it’s not about going as fast as you can and throwing yourself on the ground or winning. You have to be able manage a series and multiple races. I think the depth they have in Europe is impressive, there are some really good talented kids over there.

“I don’t believe they are better (talent) but their passion for it is higher. We (America), I don’t believe the passion or care is that high for motocross. In my era you wouldn’t miss Des Nations, you would do everything possible to go to des Nations. The Nations has never made sense for any of us, but you are representing your country. And it’s an experience that you will never experience during any other event in your lifetime. I missed (MXoN) events over the years due to injuries and it always ate at me. Even this year I tried to be on the team, but I wasn’t in a position to pull it off. It’s sad but it’s where we are at.”

On his verbal battles with Carmichael and Stewart

“We took jabs at each other, we made comments. We did it in press conferences, when you won the race it was game on. I think it was real and that’s why the fans loved it.”

He is also a big fan of two-strokes

“They separated the men from the boys. There is a reason there was only two or three of us that dominated or won races because they were hard. 450s these days do a lot of the work for you, you don’t have to be that amazing technically to make them work.”