Max Anstie on the chances of racing MXoN at Matterley and 2025 plans?

Image: Doug Turney

After a brilliant win in the 250 main event in Philadelphia, Max Anstie finally got to show his qualifying speed in the race with aid of a good start!

Anstie bided his time before passing Hammaker and taking the win to show that he still has elite speed – so after his performance at Matterley Basin in 2017 – is there a chance he is available for selection this year?

Anstie told us in the press conference that it’s a no for 2024 but a potential yes for 2025 in the States!

“No, I would obviously love to race Matterley but my team is primarily supercross. I am contracted to do WSX and Australian supercross, but I don’t know what is happening there. So, the focus is on that”.

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“It’s tough to get over there and all that stuff with my guys, and bikes, and build abike for outdoors. We have built a specialised bike in supercross and I am happy to get these results against these guys, but outdoors is a different story, so no, I would love to do Matterley this year but I can’t do better than I did in 2017 so I have to just leave it there unless some drastic changes but I heard the Nations is in America next year and I will be in for that one because I have got some got some good things coming…(smiles)

*Rumours are linking Max with Star Yamaha in 2025 – let’s see what unfolds.

Anstie also touched on how big the win meant, not only to him, but also his team and especially the team owner who had flown from Australian to watch:

“My team boss, he doesn’t come over from Australia very often. He has had a rough few weeks, his dad actually died only a couple of weeks ago, he has been pretty down in the dumps so this was nice to give back to him and the who crew, because they put a lot of work in as we all do, to give back to them, he was a bit emotional, he gets emotional over everything! But today he was very emotional, but it was nice, they needed it, it’s been a rough week for them.”

On the ride Anstie said: “It was nice to get a pretty good start, got in second pretty quick and the crowd were going wild for Seth with him being a Philly guy. I was trying to set him up for a pass early on but it was a little sketchy in the sand. I was trying in the whoops but then I was on the outside of him and then eventually made it work. As far as it’s gone this season, I haven’t had a decent start, even though I have been fast the whole time, it’s just been hard to get out of the gate. This time to get a decent start and make life easy for myself, it was a nice race – happy days!”