Lewis Hall to take time away from racing

The highly rated, Lewis Hall has announced that he has made the difficult decision to step away from the sport. However, it does sound like he plans on returning to racing in the future as he clearly loves the sport but just feels he needs some time away.

“Not something I wanted to be writing but the time has come for me to hang the boots up for a little while. I’ve been competing at a high level for most of my life and I’ve had some crazy highs and some low lows. As a privateer it’s even more of a struggle both financially and mentally and it’s starting to take its toll and I just need some time away from the sport to reflect and regroup. I’ve traveled around Europe multiple times, met some of the most amazing people and made so many amazing memories! I’m very grateful for all the sponsors that have stuck by me through thick and thin throughout the years it’s highly appreciated. I still plan to keep a bike and have some fun but I’m taking the rest of the year out and will make a come back next year. Again sorry to everyone I’ve let down and thanks to all my sponsors! We will be back”, Hall stated on social media. 

Pic: Warren Kee