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Dean Wilson on Vince Friese

Dean Wilson on Vince Friese
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Dean Wilson was honest in his appraisal of Vince Friese even joking that he was a whiner after Friese made the accusation in the immediate post race interview! Wilson is third in the championship going into the final round, three points ahead of Friese who is fourth with Roczen second eleven points ahead of the Scot with Savatgy a further five ahead of Roczen with everything to play for going into the final round!

Wilson: “Me and Vince have been getting into it. Hey, I told him after race, I’m not that aggressive, maybe too nice of a guy. It was aggressive racing but what I told him, I wasn’t cool with the brake checking, I got brake checked on the landing of the jump, I wasn’t cool with that. I let him know, I’m the biggest cry baby here, I’m a whiner, I just want to let everyone know I’m crying right now!

“I was riding well all day which I was really happy about. That first race, I got cleaned out. When Vince is behind you, you know he is going to be aggressive which is fine but I honestly didn’t know how much of a gap I had, and listen, I’ll take that one one the chin, I got cleaned out which sucked, a win would have been nice. Rebounded in the second one with a win and third one I got a bad start.”

Meanwhile Friese responded by saying: ““I think if you put a bunch of money on the line and give us an Arenacross track, that’s the way it’s going to go, at least for me, that’s how I make a living. I’m not here to ride around and have fun, I’m here to make some money pay the bills.

“That’s the kind of racing I enjoy, I don’t know if there was a penalty on Dean but that was just good old motocross racing.”

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