Friese on his WSX moves – unrepentant!

Vince Friese was unapologetic about his hard riding in Abu Dhabi as he sat beside Joey Savatgy and Dean Wilson!

Third overall and in the title battles Friese said: “I think if you put a bunch of money on the line and give us an Arenacross track, that’s the way it’s going to go, at least for me, that’s how I make a living. I’m not here to ride around and have fun, I’m here to make some money pay the bills.

“We are battling for position, if these guys want to take it easy, they can take it easy, I’m going to race hard.”

Friese was then asked about pass back Savatgy back while off the track…

“If it was wrong, I’ll take the penalty. Maybe I’ll give the rule book another read through. It’s hard to say if my front then was ahead or not, I tried to just ride slowly. In my head, I was like, what do I do. I hate to take a position that’s not mine, and if it’s wrong, I’ll take the penalty for that (no penalty).

“That’s the kind of racing I enjoy, I don’t know if there was a penalty on Dean but that was just good old motocross racing.”