Who should ride MX2 for France if Vialle doesn’t race MXoN? Benistant/Ferrandis/Renaux?

Tom Vialle told us at Lommel that he isn’t sure if he is racing the MXoN due to his full time move to the States for 2023.

Vialle said: “I think I’m going to go but I am not sure with the America stuff, I am not sure if I am going, I think in a few weeks I will know if I am going.”

So if the former world champ and current MX2 world title contender isn’t behind the gate at Red Bud, who should take his place?

Amazingly, France have such an abundance of world class talent they still have two or three quality options! With France having three top tier 450 riders in Febvre, Renaux and the returning Ferrandis, you could easily have Renaux or Ferrandis dropping back down to a 250. Renaux was obviously MX2 world champ in 2021 and the right settings on the machine from last year and Ferrandis was the 250 National champ back in 2020. The added bonus of Ferrandis of course is that he knows the track and the Star Yamaha team.

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But you can’t forget the technically outstanding, Thibault Benistant, who has been in cracking form recently, and one of the very few riders who has shown he has the raw speed to run with and win against Vialle and Geerts. Crucially, his starts are usually around the top five too and he might be the best starter between himself, Renaux and Ferrandis, he just lacks some experience.

Even with no Vialle, France have a big shot at still winniing this event and maybe Ferrandis, being already based in America with Star Racing, would be the easiest transition to the 250 and that might be the choice I would make, but the honest truth is all three would still be excellent picks and they would be one of the favourites for the title with the USA and Australia.

But Vialle, with his stunning starts, would be a big weapon at Red Bud on a 250 – if they can work a way to get him racing the event!

Article: Jonathan McCready

Image: InFront Moto Racing