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Video: Barcia on taking Stewart out – I was going for it!

Video: Barcia on taking Stewart out – I was going for it!
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Justin Barcia took Malcolm Stewart out violently at the final race of the year in their battle for third in the championship! An angry Malcolm got up and preserved his third in the championship with fouth in race, and nearly got to make a revenge pass on Barcia until a backmarker got in his way on the last lap!

Stewart said: ” I was just putting a charge in and Justin straight up T-boned me, we were racing clean all year long and that was dirty. We are definitely going to have a talk. I’m so thankful to get third overall, that’s what counts, that’s where the money’s at.”

A fiesty and unapologetic Barcia, who was booed said: “Fans aren’t happy we were racing for third in points. I was doing everything I could. It was an aggressive pass, I’m going to own that. What do I say, i wanted third, I was going for it. I’d like to think I would to think he would have done the same thing but maybe not. Sorry guys, I’m here racing for a living, but love or hate it this is me since day one.”

Barcia then said in the press conference: “Not much to really say about it, we were racing for third in the points, I wanted it bad and maybe it was too much but that’s how I race I guess, it is what it is. When there’s an inch I take it, that’s just my style, I’ve always raced like that. There was money on the line and I wanted that position, I wanted to be third in the points and unfortunately I didn’t make that happen which is a bummer but, all in all, this was my most consistent season.

*Following the race, Justin Barcia was docked 10 points in the season standings and fined for his pass on Malcolm Stewart. Moving him from 4th to 5th overall.

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