Ryan Hughes on Jorge Prado’s technique

Image: InFront Moto Racing

Ryan Hughes has give an in-depth analysis of Jorge Prado’s flawless technique and compares him to Jett Lawrence. Both riders of course rider eerily similar to Stefan Everts – proving the techniques still work!

The former AMA and GP rider turned riding coach, said of Jorge: “His technique is flawless, he never breaks form, his knees never go in front of his shoulders, the same thing you see with Jett Lawrence. On his toes, hips, back straight and not bending his knees in front of his shoulders, means his always able to keep his arms loose.

“He always has this flowy, surfy, smooth, technical precise style, the same as you see Jett. To me those two riders have the best techniques on earth. His approach to things is very patient, you never see him ride over his feeling.”

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