Video: Prado and Gajser hit the deck in Agueda

The first lap of race two in Agueda saw Tim Gajser go from first to last in turn one and Prado go from fourth to last at turn four with both riders lucky not to be injured! 

Gajser got back to 10th with Prado 12th meaning Gajser leaves with the red plate and a 14 point lead after winning race one with Prado 15th.

Prado said: The MXGP of Portugal is over, and it was extremely challenging. I was the fastest when the track was dry early in the weekend, but then the rain came on Saturday and Sunday. In the qualifying race, I struggled a bit with getting the bike set up, but by Sunday, I was the fastest again. I definitely had good speed, but the starts from P7 were tough: there were mistakes, crashes. The conditions on Sunday made it super tough. I had to make two pit stops in the first moto, and then I crashed after a good start in the second moto. It was a pity because I know I’ve been hard to beat on this track—but sometimes, that’s just how it goes! Now, we’re just looking forward to the next race. We’re 15 points down, but hopefully, we’ll get back that red plate soon enough!

Gajser said: Of course it is great to get the red-plate after all the work we’ve put in. Even getting the podium position after that second moto was a surprise but those conditions it can be a lottery. I made far too many mistakes, which is frustrating as I had a really good start before that first mistake and from there on it was just survival. It was also a shame because the first moto was a really good one for me. I got the holeshot and had a good battle for the lead and eventually won in really difficult conditions. Overall though, to get on the podium, winning two of the three motos over the weekend and to get the red-plate I have to be happy with that.