Adam Ciancuarulo on one last ride this weekend

Image: Doug Turney

After a rollercoaster career of expectations, injuries, factory rides, race wins and a National title, Adam Cianciarulo will bow out of professional racing this weekend at Salt Lake City.

The articulate Ciancuarulo has put his thoughts and feelings on what it is like to in the final week of his professional career and the only life he has ever known.

AC said on social media: “Long post alert.. Well, guys, this is it.. my last week getting paid to go fast around a dirt bike track!

“I’ll be straight with you, although I am completely at peace with my decision and proud of what I accomplished, there’s an element to it that’s scary. It’s always been more than an occupation, more than wins and losses, more than the idea of success and failure.

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“It’s been a genuine love and passion I’ve had since I was riding around in a field in Orlando 24 years ago. For better or worse, it’s been the core of my identity, and although I’m aware I am more than just a racer, like most of us who hang it up, it will take time for me to consistently see and feel the value I have as just a human being.

“As much as we try to have some balance in our lives, it comes with the territory of being determined and obsessed with trying to be great, and I would have it no other way. Without it, I wouldn’t have been fortunate enough to have this experience, and none of you would know my name.

“I don’t know what life will feel like this time next week, but I do know that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be and that the lessons I’ve learned in this chapter have prepared me to make the most of everything that’s in front of me.

“A leap into the unknown is scary, as I said, but it’s also incredibly exciting. God is good, and I am blessed.”