Prado on the move to Gas Gas – new motivation

We asked Jorge Prado at the British GP about the move to Gas Gas over the winter and he was very enthusiastic about the change.

Prado said: “It’s great to move to Gas Gas, like you said, Spanish background. it’s good because it’s a change, different colours, the brand is a little more wild, a little more young. It’s nice, it’s a new motivation. They are doing a lot of nice stuff on social media making some cool videos and how the bikes looks, it’s amazing, we are looking good in red, so it’s good.”

It was certainly a good weekend for the De Carli Gas Gas team with Simon Laengenfelder taking his first GP win in his debut ride and Prado winning the second moto to take second overall in MXGP.

Prado said of his motos: “First moto I got a good start and then I felt a little bit rusty and made a couple of mistakes. Last year at the end I was riding injured so I was not used to riding up front and that pace so didn’t feel comfortable, made a couple of mistakes and dropped back to fourth. The last three laps I kind of re-grouped a little bit and I knew the second moto would be better and that’s how it went.

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“I got a holeshot again and pulled away but Gajser was flying and he caught me, passed me and then he made a small mistake, that’s what can happen when we are racing to the limit. I didn’t make any mistakes anymore, I know I had that chance and I had to take it with both hands and I won the second moto. Getting second on the podium, it’s a good start to the season.”

And he thinks will only get better from here after the Spaniard finally had a healthy off-season: “I feel healthy and that is very important. When I was riding I was feeling myself and that’s good because we can build from here, it is still early in the season so we will get better and better.”

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Article: Jonathan McCready

Images: Juan Pable Acevedo

Jonathan McCready and Andy McKinstry review a brilliant British MXGP that kicked off the 2022 MXGP world championship in style – it had everything!

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