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Interview: RJ Hampshire – gave it everything

Interview: RJ Hampshire – gave it everything
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It wasn’t the weekend team USA wanted but RJ Hampshire was the star performer for the team going 5-5 in the MX2 class and having hard rides through the field to do it. We spoke to the all action and hard charging American after the event and he was still positive on the experience of racing the MXoN for team USA.

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RJ, tough day for America as a whole, your results were I think, 5-5 in MX2, but your riding was pretty rapid, you just had to do a lot of work from the back!

Yeah, first moto got a good start and got cleaned out and just struggled, my stuff was all bent up for the rest of that moto, I rode super tight. Second moto, first turn pile up but then felt awesome on my bike, felt really good and just gave everything I could for the team. Our results suck today, we definitely should have been better than eighth but all in all an awesome weekend, awesome experience. Huge thanks to my Rockstar Energy Husqvarna team, everybody that supports this event, it was special!

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You wanted to do this event for a long time, I know the results as a team didn’t go well but was it worth the experience?

Aw 100%. There is no doubt about it. I don’t care if there is a 50 race season I will be here if I get the opportunity, just an unreal event, something I will always remember. Hopefully I’ll be back, for sure.

Jett mentioned they had to ride a different on this track to America, did you find that as well?

Yeah, yeah, for sure the track was really tough, something we don’t have back home but yeah, we all have to ace it, these guys are just really good at it and it showed today, we got our asses kicked, but I will be back.

How did you find racing the GP guys was it different racing them with their style or trying to pass them compared to the guys you know at home?

Not really, it was still just racing dirt bikes, just try to win or try to be the best you could be.

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