Interview: Ken Roczen – MXoN MXGP class winner!

There isn’t version of dirt bike racing Ken Roczen cannot do! From AMA SX, to WSX to SMX and then just turning up at the MXoN having only done one outdoor race in 2023 (at High Point) to lead the world in the final moto on a Suzuki and win his class on a tie-break with world champ Jorge Prado!

Roczen, who was pitting out of a relatively small truck almost privateer style, just oozes talent and his versatility is remarkable. We caught up with the happy German after the press conference.

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Pretty amazing weekend Kenny for I think every rider, but to come away with the win in your a class and holeshot on a Suzuki, it must be pretty rad!

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It’s unbelievable, like I said, I am on a Suzuki and I just love proving people wrong! Getting the holeshot in the MXGP class and getting the overall on top of that, that’s a couple of boxes that I’ve checked, it’s kind of surreal right now, I haven’t really had time to think about it yet, but I think we did some pretty amazing things. I wish we had a little bit more luck with my teammates, there were too many crashes going on, but we know how this race is, it can go either way.

For my personal goals, I think we did awesome, struggled with the track it is so hard pack, so rocky, I haven’t ridden this stuff in years. Not to mention I have ridden sand the last couple of weeks because we had so much rain in Florida. I rode on a turn track for two weeks. It was a funky one, but I am glad I made it through because it was super sketchy out there.

You and Jett adapted the track, the actual American guys seemed to struggle a bit, do you think growing up here you had muscle memory, you were able to go back to that?

No, I mean I have been over there for ten years and haven’t ridden here, so that stuff just goes out the window honestly.

Was it hard to set-up the bike in these conditions or where you able to work your talent on the fly to get up to speed?

A little bit, nothing really felt that great out there, we made changes every time we went out, it felt okay in the first one, it was a struggle really both days – I don’t think anyone would have felt great out there!

How was it bing back at a GP style event race Prado and those guys?

It was great, I mean I am glad I did it, I am so glad I came over here and not even just the racing side of things. I have seen so many people I haven’t seen in a long time, especially GP riders and people that work for teams so it was great.

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Your adaptability is pretty amazing to go WSX in England, doing this and running at the front, SMX battling Jett, how are you able to be so versatile?

I don’t know! I kind of just go with the flow, honestly and try to make the right changes at the right time.

You are back with Suzuki next, you’ll have more consistency (over the winter) I am sure you are looking forward to that!

Absolutely, we did good in SMX and I have been riding my supercross stuff, and have much better supercross stuff so we just have a much better base than when he started.

Interview and images: Jonathan McCready/InFront Moto Racing