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Interview: Maxime Renaux – MXoN win!

Interview: Maxime Renaux – MXoN win!
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After having to pull out of the British GP after a crash, it was unknown just how fit Maxime Renaux really was heading into his home MXoN at Ernee. And as it turned out for a couple of days even Renaux thought he wasn’t fit enough to race, but he pushed on and, amazingly, went 1-3 to win his class and win the event with team France silencing the doubters, including Davd Vuillemin who thought Ferrandis should have went instead.

This is what Maxime had to say on a memorable weekend. Watch or read below:

Maxime, it was a tough end to your MXGP season, I wasn’t sure how injured you were coming in here but you performed brilliantly with a 1-3, did you exceed your expectations?

No, I was not expecting anything coming here. I try to get rid of expectation when I come to races. I just go to win, no matter what shape or what. I try to give my best, it doesn’t mean I have to win but I give my best and then we see the results at the end.

Obviously I had injuries during the season, I was not in my best shape but I could make it happen and today we are team world champions and I won the open class, it’s an amazing moment.

A great end to your year after tough year with injury. Is it good motivation to know you are still really quick and a world champion again this time with team France?

Yeah, it’s amazing, but I never really doubted myself. It was a tough injury so I knew it would take me time to come back and today obviously it’s super positive for my winter to go into it with a good mood to enjoy and I am going to work really hard for next season.

When you crashed at Matterley Basin was there any doubt you wouldn’t ride this weekend or where you always good enough to ride?

Yeah, sure. The two or three days after Matterley, we weren’t sure and I didn’t want to come if I was not in shape enough because there were a lot expectations and I didn’t want to disappoint the public and myself so, a little doubt but I was ready to give it all to be in shape and in the end I made it happen so it was a good choice.

Your first moto you led with Tom in second, perfection, how did that feel in front of the crowd, it must be like a dream!

It was great, you couldn’t do better so it was just an amazing feeling. We gave the public what they wanted and we did the job.

The third moto Jett passed you and it looked like you were happy in third but when Prado put the pressure on yo didn’t give in either!

Yeah, Jett passed, he was riding really smooth and nice so I couldn’t do much and then Prado came back and he was pushing but I was trying to push in a way but also try and stay safe because third was more than enough to win so I wouldn’t have risked everything to stay in third but I just tried to stay focused and not make any mistakes and it was enough to stay third.

Can you describe the feeling up on that podium with the home fans, the smoke, it was unbelievable!

Yeah, it was amazing, unbelievable! I have never saw that and yeah, it is going to be in my memories for life.

Does it feel more pressure with the home fans for more motivating with them behind you?

Both! Both motivation and pressure, it’s a mix of everything and you have to deal with everything but just a great feeling and the victory tastes even better.

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Image: Infront Moto Racing

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