Interview: Kay de Wolf discusses his Lommel podium and running at the front again

Coming into the season there was a lot of hype around Kay de Wolf as he was flying in the off-season and the Dutch talent was quite solid at the start of the season sitting a strong third in the championship before injury hindered him.

De Wolf had a “born in the sand” butt-patch at Lommel and seeing him ride such brutal conditions was a breath of fresh air – he was superb to watch and after winning the first moto ended up second overall. As de Wolf continues to gain experience he’s going to have an exciting future.

We caught up with de Wolf after the Belgian GP.

GateDrop: Kay, a brutal day here at Lommel. You didn’t quite get the win but you did the next best thing. It was a really good day for you strong in both moto’s, you must be happy with your weekend?

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De Wolf: For sure, I felt really good all weekend and especially the first moto. I had a good flow and could just do my own thing. The first moto I could get the win, but I was quite nervous for the second moto because I knew I had to be in front of Jago and he got the holeshot. I had to go after him, I made a few mistakes on the opening laps but then I passed him at one point. He followed me for a few laps and watched my line and then passed me. At that point I just broke, I didn’t have any energy left anymore. It was a tough moto with ten minutes to go but we kept fighting to the end and passed Simon to end up second with the same points as Jago. A pretty solid weekend and we will build on this.

GateDrop: You’ve showed good pace this year but it’s been a while since you’ve been right at the very front. How did it feel to be right at the front again – it must have felt good with all the Dutch fans as well.

De Wolf: For sure. It feels a lot better to be up front actually and especially when you are leading because you can just do your own thing and get own flow. It feels pretty good, we’ve had a tough year but we have kept fighting and finally on the podium again.

GateDrop: What’s your thoughts on the MX2 World Championship this year? For me, a start is crucial because the front 10-12 are all very fast…

De Wolf: It is a really strong series this year. It’s like you say, you really need a good start and keep fighting all 30 minutes plus 2 laps. It’s really tough this year but that makes it better.

Pic: Nigel McKinstry

GateDrop: Just on the track, did you enjoy it out there today?

De Wolf: I did, I really enjoyed it. I love the track and I will always love the sand I think.

GateDrop: I’ve no idea how anyone could enjoy riding around there (laughs). What was your thoughts on the track changes?

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De Wolf: It felt really good actually. The track was really good so I enjoyed it. It was a lot tighter but still it was good. The changes to the track layout were good.

GateDrop: Just on Dutch Motocross, MXGP podium was all Dutch podium, you and Roan are riding well in MX2 and EMX has lots of Dutch guys. What would you put that down too – the federation or being used to riding rough tracks?

De Wolf: I don’t know. We are just used to riding the sand so I just think it’s like that.

GateDrop: After the season will you take much time off and what’s your goals for next year – I’m guessing a regular podium guy?

De Wolf: Sure, I want to be a regular podium contender next year and fight up front every single weekend. We are just going to do what we feel we need to do and get our work sorted out.

GateDrop: Coming into this season you had an unreal pre-season – you and Roan were flying. Then to get hit by a car which wasn’t even your fault to get injured. That must be very frustrating?

De Wolf: Sure, I was third in the championship at one point and similar points with Simon. I broke my hand so it was a tough season.

GateDrop: I am sure you are hoping to get picked for the Dutch MXoN team, how would it feel to get selected for RedBud?

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De Wolf: For sure I really hope they bring me to RedBud but we are going to see. It’s between me and Roan but you never know, they might put Glenn on a 250cc. We will see.

Interview: Andy McKinstry

Pics: Nigel McKinstry

Podcast! Andy McKinstry and Jonathan McCready discuss a superb Lommel GP as the roughest track of the year threw up some great racing and interesting talking points from Tom Vialle’s tough weekend and his decision to go to the USA to the speed of the Dutch and Belgian riders in the sand. 

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