Interview: Gyan Doensen – back to winning ways in EMX125 as he targets the title

Image: Nigel McKinstry | Interview: Andy McKinstry

It was a superb weekend for Gyan Doensen as he got back to winning ways in the EMX125 championship and he gained championship points. The Dutch talent has now got the championship down to fourteen points with four rounds to go so it’s still all to play for.

We caught up with Doensen after his race in Maggiora and after he cut his mechanic and team manager’s hair as they lost a bet – Doensen made them bald! You can watch, listen or read the interview below:

GateDrop: Before we get to the racing, are you a hairdresser part-time? I’ve just seen you cut your mechanics hair and your team managers hair, are you going to take up a new profession (laughs)

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Doensen: No, it’s not that, definitely not going to be my new job. As you can see I was not the best, so we’ll stick to my old job.

GateDrop: I thought you were alright, I’m assuming they lost a bet?

Doensen: Yeah, they say if I win the race then I go bald, so yeah, I won and this is the result.

Image: Andy McKinstry

GateDrop: And you’re glad you won, so it worked out okay. So going to the racing, I mean what a weekend with the weather we’ve had, it’s been crazy. I think they probably made the right decision, only the one moto this weekend… You finally got a good start and you showed what you could do, so you must be happy with that?

Doensen: Yeah, it’s been a very weird weekend. I mean yesterday we only had practices and I qualified third in my group, which was okay. I mean it was a survival, yellow flags everywhere, so it was really difficult. Today I felt okay on the bike, I mean everyone was struggling. As you can see the ruts were deep and weird, so yeah, I feel really happy. Another stop step off the box and my third race win this season, so yeah, pretty happy.

GateDrop: Just on the track, considering how much rain we have had leading up to it, obviously it was a bit harder for the women, it was probably good for you they went first. But considering the circumstances, I think the track was pretty good to be honest…

Doensen: Yeah, the track was really good, deep ruts. But I mean on a flat track it’s so hard to make a difference, so it was good. I mean I enjoyed riding here, it would have been better when it was dry. But it is how it is, I mean I took the win, so I need to be happy with that.

GateDrop: Just on your season so far, I think you do have the pace, but the biggest weakness let’s say is probably the start. But at least you were able to do that this weekend, but moving forward you’re probably going to want more good starts like that…

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Doensen: I mean yeah, we made some changes for the starts and as it turned out today it was good changes. I mean I struggled with some luck on my side, but yeah, took a good start and then just rode my own race. And yeah, this is what I am capable of, I think I can be a little bit more fast, but yeah, rode smart, didn’t make stupid mistakes, only the back markers were crazy. So no, took it easy and took the win.

Image: Nigel McKinstry

GateDrop: This is your second season in the EMX125 class, I mean last year the speed at the front was crazy with Valin and Reisulis, what’s the level like this year?

Doensen: I mean yeah, you’ll never know if we’re the same speed as last year, but we definitely made some good steps in the winter. Yeah, I think I’m one of the strongest out here, you can see in the results sometimes. When I’m in front I can win and I can do good results, so no, we try to keep doing this. I mean we took important points for the championship and yeah, we’ll see later.

GateDrop: What’s the goals for the rest of the season? I’m assuming you want to be champion?

Doensen: Yeah, of course, that was the goal already before we got on the 125, you know, first do a learning year and then take the title. Yeah, before this race it was pretty far, but I mean we closed in and that’s the main goal. For now just don’t think about the championship, just do my races, just take as many points as possible like I did today, so it’s been a very good weekend.

GateDrop: You’ve a new team this year with Racestore KTM, it’s all new for them as well, because in the past they have been focusing more on the GP classes. What’s it been like with the new team and do you spend that much time in Italy?

Doensen: No, I didn’t spend a lot of time in Italy. I do all my trainings at home with my trainer, with the Dutch Federation, the KNMV. So no, I didn’t spend a lot of time, but the team is great. I mean the people put 110%, so I have to give it the same. For now it’s working really well and I enjoy working with these people.

GateDrop: Thomas Traversini, you’re working closely with him, what’s it like working with him?

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Doensen: Thomas Traversini, yeah, the bald guy (laughs). He has a lot of experience from the past, you know, he won a couple of GPs. Yeah, it’s really nice to have him. I mean, a guy with this much experience you don’t see often, so it’s really nice.

Image: Nigel McKinstry

GateDrop: The Junior World Championship is coming up next month and it’s at home. You must be excited for that one?

Doensen: Yeah, I’m looking forward to it. Since I knew it was was coming here to my home, you know, I was looking really forward. I think I’m one of the strongest in the sand, I just need the luck on my side. So, we put 200% in that race and try to take that title as well.

GateDrop: I’m not sure if you would have seen it, but Jeffrey Herlings made some comments about the track safety during the week. What’s your thoughts on the track safety and things like that?

Doensen: I didn’t hear about it. About this track?

GateDrop: No, just in general, like the way they rip the tracks and sometimes it’s maybe a little dangerous… What’s your thoughts?

Doensen: I mean, the weather is something you can’t control. Yeah, of course, the track is… Yesterday was much more dangerous than today.