International release of Marc de Reuver’s revealing biography OPEN

Following the incredible success of the Dutch release of Marc de Reuver’s biography OPEN, the mind-boggling life story of the most animated motocross rider of his generation is now released to the international audience in English.

The wait is over! Since the announcement in September 2021 of Marc de Reuver’s biography OPEN, publisher Edicola Sport and author Tim Gerth have worked tirelessly to translate the book into English and finalize it for release. All of those early international fans who ordered the book over six months ago, will no longer have to wait to receive their signed copy. A limited number of signed international editions are still available through the website, where the book can be ordered for €21,95 (excl. shipping).

Since its initial release in Marc’s native language in November 2021, OPEN has been reprinted three times due to high demand. It was also nominated for Dutch sports book of the year, an unprecedented achievement for a motocross book. OPEN has been widely received with positive critiques, praising the extremely raw openness and honesty. It would be an understatement to claim Marc has delivered on his promise to tell his own, complete, truth.

OPEN goes beyond Marc’s racing career, featuring the best stories from his 2003 championship fight, his incredible 2004 Lierop Motocross of Nations performance and 2008 final GP-win, as well as trips to the United States to compete in the AMA Nationals, his supercross ambitions and his mission to become the best beach racer in the world. Although his racing career may have warranted a book on its own, the story of how Marc was not able to convert his raw talent into the success he should have had, shows a side of him many people don’t know. Marc’s story is an amazing telling example of how someone so talented, can fly so high, but also can go very low.

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These days, Marc has transformed into one of the best motocross trainers in the world. “The mistakes I’ve made in the past, enable me to tell young riders exactly what not to do”, is a phrase he regularly uses to describe his own transformation from a disappointing but spectacular generational motocross talent to successful motocross trainer. Since coming off the bike himself, he’s helped guiding the likes of Pauls Jonass, Henry Jacobi, and Roan van de Moosdijk to their first major championships.

Marc de Reuver

“I’m thrilled everyone around the world can now read my book, because I know many people have been wanting to. This book for me is a way to tell my own story. There have been so many ‘Marc de Reuver-stories’, now everyone can just read this. I am not the easiest guy to live with or to understand. I sometimes struggle with that myself. I just hope this will give people a different perspective of me.”

Tim Gerth, author and translator of OPEN

“I’m extremely proud we can now finally release the book to an even bigger international audience. It was always our end goal to release an international version, and we have been encouraged by the huge response both on social media and in real life. I know it has been quite the wait for people who have been wanting to read Marc’s book, whose messages we both always took as a compliment. I believe that we will, once again, be able to exceed expectations with this international release.”

Words: Press Release