EXCL: Vincent Bereni confirms Camden McLellan stays with Triumph for 2025

Image: Nigel McKinstry | Words: Andy McKinstry

We caught up with Triumph Racing team manager, Vincent Bereni during the Italian GP and discussed a range of topics. The full interview is coming soon but one thing he did confirm is that Camden McLellan will be staying with the team for the 2025 season to contest the MX2 World Championship once again.

On the decision to sign McLellan and if he seen it as a calculated risk as he might not have been the obvious choice…

“I would not say signing him was a calculated risk. For me, he has something and I saw that a while ago. The podium was a result of hard work, he really put a lot into this. He spent a lot of time with Clement Desalle over the off-season. Doing a lot of things with his riding and his approach to the racing. He is young, he is learning. The podium was a result of the hard work, he still has a lot to learn to be more often on the box but he is young”.

On McLellan’s injury situation – he’ll be back in Indonesia…

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“Of course. I may have been a little bit harsh with him because I want more from him. Of course he wanted to come back earlier which I didn’t allow but it’s for his own good and I think he realises that and is working. He has done a really good job from his injury and how to manage the injury. He is doing everything he needs to do. I want him back where he was, the competition has been racing so it’s going to be very difficult so the work and approaches will be different to usual. I hope he is going to be back where he belongs”.

Bereni also confirmed that McLellan will be with the team next year.

“Yes, Camden will be with us again for next year”.

Keep an eye out for the full interview coming soon.