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Braceras OUT of Spanish MXoN team!

Braceras OUT of Spanish MXoN team!
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David Braceras is out of the Spanish MXON team following his crash at the British GP and will be replaced by fellow MX2 GP rider Oriol Oliver, who has shown some tremendous speed this season.

See the statement on the team below:

During the last round of the MX2 World Championship, David Braceras suffered a fall and was injured. Since he is not 100% recovered, the national coach, Paco Rico, has decided that the man from Alicante will be replaced by Oriol Oliver , who joins Rubén Fernández and the brand new MXGP champion, Jorge Prado.

In the following statements, Rico explains the reason for this decision in addition to putting Prado in MXOpen and Fernández in MXGP, always thinking about the good for the team.

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Paco Rico, national coach : “ It is evident that there are situations that only the drivers, teams and the coaching staff know about. The case of Rubén Fernández was that he suffered some problems after the very hard fall in Finland which prevented him from training and, although he had the speed, he did not have the physique to do 2 consecutive races as required by the OPEN category in the MX of Nations. For this reason we spoke with him and Jorge (Prado) to exchange the categories thinking about what was best for the team and protecting Fernández so that he would have more recovery time between races. The drivers are very involved in achieving team success representing Spain and they did not object, supporting each other.

As the bike does not change and it is only a matter of image, whether in the kit or on the bike, we took care of having everything prepared with both numbers in case Fernández could start training normally and return to his physical state before the fall to face the heats with guarantees of success and as has been seen in these last two races this has been the case.

As for David Braceras, after England fell and although he was declared fit to run there, following the advice of our trusted medical staff, they told him that running could put his participation in Ernée at risk if there was any muscle. Braceras did not waste a minute and flew directly to Madrid where all possible tests were performed and a small tear in his triceps was detected. The assessment was that he could run in Ernée if necessary and of course Braceras would do everything in his power to be available, albeit without training and hardly at 100% of himself.

In the meeting before the Turkish GP I told them clearly that both of them could occupy the MX2 position, I told them what I wanted both of them to improve and the one who was better at that would be the starter and the other the substitute. The first thing I asked them was that the Spanish team needed them 100% and if at any time they had a problem they were honest and didn’t think about themselves because we would make the change. It’s time to think about the team, take advantage of the fact that we have two of the best drivers in the world in the premier class and in an entire country that really wants to see our flag as high as possible.

I want to thank Braceras for his honesty in accepting that his small injury would not allow him to be at 100% and for Oliver’s availability, who at all times has been waiting for those medical results to confirm his entry into the team. Anyone who knows me knows that with all these years of experience for team competitions there is always a plan B activated, even a plan C prepared so logistically nothing changes for us because everything was prepared for both the selected pilots and the reserve pilots. We continue to have a team of the same level with good expectations with the incorporation of Oriol Oliver, the visible physical improvement of Ruben Fernández who has managed to finish 5th in MXGP and, of course, the current MXGP world champion, Jorge Prado.

One more year due to the desire and work of the pilots will not be… I hope to see many fans with Spanish flags in Ernée… LET’S GO WITH EVERYTHING!!!”

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