Video: Webb on his battle with Herlings at the US GP – his best ever ride!

“I still have dreams of it. It really was awesome, we since then have become freinds from that. He’s awesome and the way we think is so similar, it’s scary. For me at that time I truly felt on a 250, unbelievable, (and) still to this day, probably the fastest I have gone on a dirt bike. Young, cocky, full savage – he was the same way!

“The fastest man on the planet, he rode the absolute Sh1t out of a 250f. When I watch videos (of Herlings), I’m like, you couldn’t ride it any faster.”

Speaking on Gypsy Tales, Cooper Webb has admitted that the one memorable moto he beat Jeffrey Herlings to win the US GP in 2016, was his favourite win of his career and the best he had ever ridden thanks to a loud local crowd in Charlotte roaring him on to take the US Grand Prix win!

Webb also revealed he and Herlings are subsequently now good friends with both having very similar mindsets and a lot in common, despite some mind games from Coop at the start of that decisive second moto after Herlings beat him in the first one!

Get the highlights of Webb’s favourite performance below: