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Video: Villopoto on the level of MXGP riders

Video: Villopoto on the level of MXGP riders
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Ryan Villopoto has given a lot of respect to the current generation of MXGP riders, admitting that when it comes to versatility and technique outdoors on a range of tracks, they have the edge over Americans.

On his podcast with Ricky Carmichael RV said: “These guys go around the world, and race so many different conditions and that’s just one of them. The US we see about three or four different types but a lot of those are really similar.

“I only got to do four rounds of MXGP, from Qatar to Thailand, Argentina to Arco di Trento, drasticallly different soil conditions and track. As a racer coming from the US, you have to have an open mind, everybody has to race it. I’m not going to say they are better riders but technically on different condition from LIerop to Lommel, I think technically they better than we are.”

And in a recent interview on Vital MX Villopoto said echoed those thoughts: “I think the Europeans have gotten really, really good. They sprint like us now but they also have their own style because they don’t have supercross. They are technically better than we are because we ride a lot of the same soil and they constantly ride one style of riding, outdoors. I think they are technially better than we are on different conditions.”

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