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Video: Regan Duffy on surviving a life-threatening crash

Video: Regan Duffy on surviving a life-threatening crash
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Top Australian young talent, Regan Duffy, who was tipped to be coming to MXGP, talks about the crash that very nearly cost him his life due to tearing the aorta off his heart, in an incredible conversation with Gypsy Tales.

“I don’t remember anything from the day, I remember the day before and from I woke up onwards to now. The nurse told me, ‘you just died.’ This was two weeks later. I was in a coma for eight days and then intensive care for two weeks. From what dad said I was plugged into seven different machines making my body work.”

“As for the crash, I didn’t get a great start, I came out of the second turn and someone is on the outside of me and come down the inside of me and they chop straight across the front wheel, and that took the front wheel out from underneath me and I fell onto my left side and onto my stomach and from there another rider came out of the turn and hit some whoops, pre-loaded and jumped and pretty much frame cased the side of my ribs. It’s no fault of anyone’s it’s just a racing incident. I got really unfortunate in that aspect. I was bleeding out on the track.”

Get the full story below. This is truly unbelievable:

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