Anderson on contact with Hunter Lawrence

Jason Anderson is unapologetically honest with a splash of humour and reality as he gives his view on the latest altercation with a Lawrence brother, following he and Hunter Lawrence getting into it in Salt Lake City!

Anderson made a hard pass on Hunter that left the Aussie in the deck before an annoyed Hunter went for some payback when he was being lapped and Anderson found himself in another heated discussion after the race!

Anderson said on Instagram: “Was trying to go 2 for 2 on helmet grabs last night. But on the real people / fans of our sport be hating so hard on my character based off of the 20 minute dirtbike race. Could give you more insight to my life and more interviews to persuade you I’m a good person but f**k that,, that ain’t me.

“On the track I try my hardest and i don’t take sh*t from nobody so if the sport needs a villain then f**k it I’ll play that character. But for me I leave the race with close ones crush some beers get a little fried to celebrate a healthy season and the successes we had! For the supporters you know who you are no tag needed.”