Webb on finishing runner-up in supercross

Cooper Webb did all he could despite his thumb injury to take a gritty third place to enforce his hard-fought supercross season on a satisfactory note – and he even gave Jett a bump in the heat race to test his resolve.

Webb assessed one of the best season’s of his career and, despite the frustration of the thumb injury, and surgery coming on Monday, he was justifiably proud of a brilliant year, a year that maybe saw Webb better than he has ever been before, complete with more raw speed than even his title winning season’s!

You can never count out the determined, wily Webb who said: “It’s been a great year. Second in the championship’s not what you want, but as we can see Jett’s a once-in-a-generation guy and he’s the real deal.

“I’m proud of my year, I’m proud of my team, I’m proud of my family. I truly know what we’ve been dealing with these last few races and rounds, I don’t know if there’s many guys that would’ve finished this season, so I can hang my head high on that. And I know I’ll be back stronger next year, and with some fight, and we know what we need to work on.

“Congrats to Jett and [that] whole team, they killed it this year. I just want to give it up to my team; they really invested a lot into me this whole year and they believed in me from the start, and I got back to championship form this year and probably the best version of myself. So, I’m super proud of that, super proud of the way I held myself in there all year.

“We’ll get surgery Monday on this thumb and enjoy my second baby coming and some down time. So yeah, we’ll be back next year, I know that’s for damn sure.”