Video: Jett Lawrence on a 450 at MXoN?

Team Australia have huge chance of winning the MXoN this year with Jett and Hunter Lawrence probably alongside Mitch Evans in an all factory Honda – and Jett says he will likely be riding a 450 at Red Bud in prepartion for the 450 MX Nationals in 2023.

“Most likely 450, just get that headstart on the 450 for next year outdoors. Kind of get that process going. I know in the break we will get on the 450 and do some testing. After the last round I will do a lot more testing on the 450,” said Jett.

It’s slightly disappointing there won’t be a Vialle/Jett face-off on a 250 but with Jett’s riding style and technical level there is no reason he shouldn’t be up front on a 450!

Full interview with Michael Lindsay below: