Video: Cooper Webb on bike struggles

Cooper Webb has admitted that he and the KTM squad are struggling with finding the ideal set-up on the new KTM in what could be a pivotal round five for the defending champion who can’t afford to lose much more ground to the title contenders as he searches for a bike set-up to feel more comfortable at race time.

Speaking to Racer X’s Kellen Brauer, Webb, who is 12 points behind championship leader, Eli Tomac, said: “It hasn’t been the start we were hoping for, A1 went good but definitely been not great since then, so we are going to try and turn it around at this triple crown and see what we can do this weekend.

“It’s been up and down for sure, we have been trying a lot of stuff and that’s what’s tough too, when you are racing a different bike every weekend, it’s hard to get comfortable. I feel like we went out of the ball park this week and went back to some things we did on the old bike and I think it definitely translated pretty good. So we will see, we are here at press to see if that will give us a better feel for the race tracks oppose to our practice tracks and hoping we got batter.”

Hear more from Webb plus Plessinger and Musquin on their issues here: