Video: Barcia down hard in Nashville

Justin Barcia looked on his way to third place but, shortly after passing Justin Hill for the position following an average start, Barcia endoed badly off the dragon’s back and crashed out of the race in heavy fashion and a hugely disappointing end to the day and maybe the supercross season after winning his heat race on the back of last week’s main event win.

Barcia got taken away by the medic mule and was holding his shoulder, hopeufully it’s not a broken collarbone or dislocated shoudler that could impact his outdoors season as well.

It’s been a hard day for the KTM group with Plessinger unable to ride after his crash last week, Webb injured in the heat race and now Barcia with a heavy crash with Husky duo Stewart and Craig already hurt. What tough sport, in one second everything can change.