Vialle “motivated” for AMA outdoors

Tom Vialle has a lot of US fans and media he can prove wrong this summer with many Stateside putting the two-time world champ in the 5-10 rage this year outdoors in his debut season. Will they be right or wrong?

While Vialle will certainly have to adapt to the unique US tracks with hardly any practice time and the heat and humidity, it does seem that Vialle’s raw speed of the last few years in the world championship is being very underrated and the Frenchman, who had an okay supercross season, says is excited to get back to his motocross roots and will surelty be motivated to prove his speed to the doubters and show why he is the world champ.

Vialle said: “There’s a lot of new things for me. In Europe we only rode motocross all year, so when you come to the first race you have rode for a few months. It’s pretty weird to switch between supercross and motocross, it’s only been two or three weeks. Just getting used to it is a bit special, those guys are used to it for many years already. I am really looking forward to it, every track will be new and I have to learn those tracks but I am pretty motivated. It’s a new experience for me and I am looking forward to it.”

Image: Pro Motocross