Tristan Purdon in the UK – racing the British Championship

Tristan Purdon has made the trip from South Africa to race the British Championship this weekend in a competitve MX1 class.

“The opportunity came about when I met Ashley Kane back in December in South Africa. We got to chatting about maybe heading out to the UK to do a few races. We found a gap in SA’s National racing and I took a chance and we made it happen”, Purdon told 

In terms of expectations for the event Purdon is realistic and is targetting a top ten finish in a competitive class.

“I mean, a win is always the goal, but I need to be realistic with myself. The racing is a lot more competitive than what I’m used to at home, the intensity and speed is upped, so hoping for at least a top 10 finish. I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself either though, so expecting to just have a lot of fun”.

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“I was in Scotland and I raced the National at the weekend at Rhynie, and any other race that presents it’s self before I head back home. Definitely hoping to come back, but nothing set in stone”.

“Ashley Kane, Dennis Amor, Jason Moir and family have been a huge help, this opportunity wouldn’t have been possible without them! A huge thanks to them. Back home, a big thanks to my girlfriend, her family, my family and the Broskie family for the support and guidance”. 

The MX1 class has already got plenty of talent with the likes of Tommy Searle, Harri Kullas, Josh Gilbert and Shaun Simpson to name a few so it’ll be interesting to see where Purdon fits in.

Pic: KTM