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Video: Roger DeCoster interview – positive for 2023

Video: Roger DeCoster interview – positive for 2023
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Roger DeCoster feels changes they have made to the KTM in the off season will help their season be better than a what turned out to be a rough 2022 for the team. Speaking to Donn Maeda, Roger said:

“Last year was a really tough year for us, we did not do very well. When things don’t go right, fingers are pointed on the bike side, on the rider side.

“I think I finally see things pointing in the right direction. It’s not going to be easy but I think we are finally getting back on track.

“We did a lot of work trying to find out about the rigidity and all that but at the end our chassis is completely stock that we are riding with and rhe components, fork, shock, a little bit linkage, that’s where the main work needed to be done.”

“I still think our base bike is good. I think we changed too many things last year. We were too open to rider comments and changed things based on ridercomments and basically got lost.”

Get the full interview below including comments from Musquin, Webb and Vohland:

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