Lotte van Drunen to race the final EMX250 round

After a very impressive debut WMX season, Lotte van Drunen has decided to end her season racing the EMX250 class at Matterley Basin.

The Dutch female sensation has experience racing the EMX125 class last year but this will be her EMX250 championship debut and the good news is that with less than 40 entries she is guaranteed two moto’s this weekend without having to stress about qualifying.

“Why not? Let’s do this! This weekend I will race in the EMX250 with the big boys in Matterley Basin, UK. I want to know where I stand right now, what I need to work on and how many seconds I am short of being able to compete in the middle of the field so I can get started on that”, Van Drunen revealed on social media. 

Image: Danny Relouw