Jorge Prado heading to America – Supercross testing on the agenda!

Jorge Prado’s Factory GasGas contract expires at the end of the 2024 MXGP World Championship and the MXGP World Champion has always been linked to a move to the USA but it hasn’t happened so far. However, he is flying out to America this week to ride Supercross for two and a half weeks.

With Prado now being 22 years old, he has a decision to make for the 2025 season and he has three options which are:

  • Stay in MXGP with GasGas
  • Stay in MXGP with a different brand
  • Go to America and race Supercross as well as the AMA Nationals

If Prado starts the 2025 MXGP World Championship racing MXGP then he is very likely to race the series for the rest of his career. If he goes to America, he’d always have an option to comeback to MXGP in the future.

One thing that is clear, Prado will continue racing a 450cc whether he goes to America or not so would be jumping in the deep end racing the very stacked 450 AMA SX class.

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Credit to Lewis Phillips from, that got the news from the MXGP champ:

“I am going to the US on Wednesday. I will be riding for two and a half weeks, just Supercross, I will not even ride outdoors. I want to see what the feeling is like with the 450cc. I am a 450cc rider, world champion, 450cc rider, I cannot go back to the 250cc, it makes no sense. I want to go there, I think it is important for me because I’ve always had that Supercross thing at the back of my head. I just want to know if I am good, if I like it or not. If I do good and I like it I can maybe think about a future riding Supercross. If I think it’s no fun then yeah, I will stick to MXGP, I will have a clear mind for the rest of my career”, Prado told Lewis Phillips from 

You can listen to the interview as well as others, here.

We also caught up with Jorge’s father recently, Jesus and asked him about his son racing Supercross:

For sure next year, not. But we have always had this option from the KTM family to go to the USA for racing. I mean it is more Jorge’s decision to say, I really want to go or to stay here. Now he is also getting only older, he isn’t 17 anymore, he is 22 and next year 23 and for sure not next year. So now is the time to make a career decision if he wants to move or not. The good thing is that he has the skills for Supercross, I mean he has the start, it will even be difficult for anyone in America to get better starts and he is really good with the whoops. If you get holeshot and good on the whoops I think you can be good in Supercross. But you need to change your lifestyle to go.

Image: Juan Pablo Acevedo