Joel Roelants – Belgium’s new MXON team manager!

Former top GP rider, Joel Roelants, will be the new team manager for Belgium with the young Roelants now in charge of the likes of Liam Everts, Jago Geerts and the Coenen brothers. It’s a lot of talent to choose from and Roelants having raced at the top recently will be able to relate well to the new generation.

Roelants said on social media:”Official Announcement: I am delighted to announce my appointment as the new Team Manager for Belgium. It is a tremendous honor to lead this team and collaborate with a highly talented generation of riders. My commitment is to elevate Team Belgium’s performance and strive for podium success in the years ahead. While I acknowledge my relative youth in this position, I am driven and motivated to guide this collective effort to new heights.

“I extend my sincere gratitude to the dedicated individuals behind the scenes who volunteer their time to support our team, as well as our valued sponsors for their unwavering commitment. I express my appreciation to the Belgian supporters and acknowledge the tireless efforts of the teams working diligently to ensure our riders represent our country with utmost pride. Together, let us embark on this journey towards excellence. Best regards, Joel Roelants.”