Jett Lawrence – rare season of injury

Image: Honda

Amazingly, aside from that crash that broke his collarbone when he was 16 trying to win his first supercross on the last lap against Dylan Ferrandis, Jett Lawrence has never really been injured before in his life until this season!

He was a bit banged up in supercross after that Barcia hit that wasn’t his fault and was still able to win the title in his rookie season but then came a rare mistake outdoors, with that crash at Hangtown.

After winning championships every year since 2021, Jett suddenly was going in not 100%, he was still finding a way to win but, at Southwick Jett said he wanted an MRI on the shoulder despite just being three points out of the lead and winning at Southwick.

Wounded but fighting on, that was until the thumb injury this week that has now ended his title streak going back three years.

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It’s a rare injury and one that has really cost him, bizarrely yet another thumb injury too, one that has already taken Tomac, Webb and Febvre out in 2024! A strange coincidence.

But now Jett, is entering the phase all other great riders have to, injury, pain, recovery and then find a way to get back to the level they were at.

While he hasn’t experienced it himself, he has seen what Huntet went through with his injuries, yet again Hunter has been there and done that and will help Jett through but this is a new experience, and Jett might still have a title on the line when he comes back in SMX, so there will no warm-up then, all being well, over to England to race Herlings, Prado and Gajser at the MXON!

Of course, Jeffrey Herlings himself is currently still getting himself on track after all his injuries, like Roczen and his arm injury, he almost had his career taken away with a foot injury, then a broken neck that left him temporarily paralysed a couple of years ago plus that badly broken femur that cost him a title as a teenager and the broken collarbones, as well as a second broken neck last year.

When people compare current Herlings after all those injuries and a fresh Jett Lawrence with none, it’s a credit to Herlings that he is still in the conversation. It’s not easy to keep coming back after each setback and winning again. Tim Gajser had to come back from a broken femur last year, it took time to get back to his best, Prado had his injuries and Tomac of course had his achilles and now a thumb injury all in 12 months.

It’s mentally and physically tough, and, unfortunately, now Jett is having to deal with the first injury setback while in the prime his career, it’s not just the racing, it’s the recovery time while everyone else gaining confidence while he is off the bike. It can change momentum.

Jett has a different challenge now, one he has never had to face before but one that many champions have had to come back from before. Injury recovery and getting back to your best as quickly as possible.

You still wouldn’t back against him ending the year on top because he is just that good, but this outdoor season has taken it’s toll on Jett Lawrence’s body in complete contrast to last year – underlining yet again how unpredictable motocross is!