Jeffrey Herlings to run the #1 plate in 2022?

Jeffrey Herlings has hinted he might run the #1 plate in the 2022 MXGP World Championship season after clinching his fifth world title. In the past Herlings has stuck to his #84 number after winning the title but he looks to be considering the idea of running the #1 plate next year. 

His fellow country man, Max Verstappen who clinched the Formula One title has already confirmed he’ll run the #1 next year so we might see both Dutch talents do the same. 

“What do you guys suggest for 2022, #84 or #1?!, Herlings stated on social media. 

The last rider to run the #1 plate after winning a title was Pauls Jonass in 2018 after winning the MX2 World Championship but it didn’t do him any favours as Jorge Prado beat him to the world title the following year.

You have go to back all the way to 2003 for the last time the #1 plate was wore in MX1/MXGP as Mickaël Pichon decided to rock the #1 plate on his Suzuki. 

Pic: Ray Archer