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Interview: Todd Kellett!

Interview: Todd Kellett!
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Todd Kellett has always had flashes of speed but the last few weeks have seen his results remain consistently high as he hits the best form of his young career.

Kellett is achieving success in both the British championship and the very competitive EMX2 class run alongside the MXGP tour. We caught up with the 20 year old to find out more about his successful season so far.

Gatedrop: You have been right at the front of the British MX2 class, can you talk me though your season so far?

Todd Kellett: It started off steady with solid results but feel I’m finding my feet now and looking forward to some of the awesome tracks we have coming up in the rest of the season.

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Gatedrop: You are also having a go at the EMX250 series and your best moto is an eighth place finish in Italy, how is that series going for you?

Todd Kellett: The EMX racing is extremely tough, there are possibly 20 guys that could win the race. But, I’m really enjoying the experience and trying to learn from every race I’m in.

Gatedrop: How would you compare both the British MX2 series & the EMX250 series?

Todd Kellett: The British Championship is very different in that you don’t have to qualify for the races like the EMX. I feel the racing is closer and more intense in the EMX and the British Championship is more spread out.

Gatedrop: The last 4-6 weeks you have really turned it on and shown what you can do, what’s been the secret?!

Todd Kellett: I never hit the ground running and always takes me a few races to get upto speed. But I have always been told by uncle Colin that “nothing is won in march”. It’s a long season and I hope to keep moving forward from here on in.

Gatedrop: There’s a lot of riders with great bikes in EMX, is it hard to compete with the machinery?

Todd Kellett: For sure there’s some great bikes and possibly some factory bikes out there but I’m extremely happy with my bike this year.

Gatedrop: Is the goal to get yourself a good ride for 2018?

Todd Kellett: I think it’s everyone’s goal to eventually get a ride but unfortunately it gets harder and harder each year. So we’re just going to keep on doing what’s we’re doing and see what happens.

Gatedrop: You are working with Justin Morris, how is it working with him?

Todd Kellett: It’s great, I love it but it’s hard graft. If it was easy every man and his dog would be doing it. He’s helped me out a lot through out the last 2 years and I’m so thankful.

Gatedrop: Are you riding much with Conrad Mewse and is that helping you with your riding? 

Todd Kellett: We’ve done a bit together with Justin, it’s great for both of us. I would like to think I keep him on his toes and it certainly makes me push harder during the week.

Gatedrop: What are your goals for the rest of the season?

Todd Kellett: Keep enjoying each weekend and take each race as it comes. Stay out of trouble and see where we are at.

Gatedrop:  I believe you are a part-time barbour, can you tell me about that? 

Todd Kellett: My mums owns a salon, I try to work as much as possible. I earn myself a bit of pocket money to keep me going and get me to the practice tracks on Wednesday.

I would just like to thank everyone that has helped me this year, I couldn’t of done it without them. St Blazey Mx, S J Hodder, Husqvarna, CI Sport, CTI, Liam Annetts PT, Scott, 98 Vision, Protein Water, Dave King at Leatt, Amped, Acerbis UK, Talon, Andy Hooper at Snap-on and my mum, dad and girlfriend LJC. 

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