Interview: Simon Längenfelder – MX2 Factory rider at 15

What a year it’s been for young German talent, Simon Längenfelder after coming into the season as relatively unknown, he ended up third in the EMX125 series, represented Germany at the Motocross Des Nations and has signed a factory deal for the 2020 season.

The young German talent will move straight from the EMX125 class to the MX2 World Championship and becomes a Factory GasGas rider. At only 15 years old, Längenfelder has a lot of potential for the future.

We caught up with Längenfelder to discuss his season, the deal for 2020 and much more.

Gatedrop: Simon, let’s start with the recent news that you’ll be a factory GasGas rider in the MX2 World Championship next year. How did the deal all come about and where you surprised by it all?

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Längenfelder: I was quite surprised about the GasGas Factory deal, but all in all I’m very happy about it.

Gatedrop: The normal route into MX2 after being in the EMX125 class is through the EMX250 series, was that going to be the plan before GasGas got in touch and how do you feel about MX2 – nervous, excited?

Längenfelder: I know it is a big step to enter directly in the MX2 World Championship and skip the EMX250 Class. But it was always my dream to ride the MX2 World Championship and with this deal my dream comes true. For sure I am excited to go to the gate with all these great athletes and I’m looking forward to an exciting season!

Gatedrop: To be a factory rider at 15, it must be a dream come true?

Längenfelder: For sure it’s a dream which comes true. I think it’s the dream of every kid who is riding Motocross, to become a pro athlete in a Factory Team.

Gatedrop: You made your MX2 debut at the Motocross Des Nations in Germany. Just how was it to represent your country and where you happy with how you rode? You showed really good speed I thought despite the tough conditions.

Längenfelder: It was a big pleasure to represent in one of my first races on the 250cc bike for my country at the MXoN in Assen. I was satisfied with my riding all over the weekend but I know I can do better. My focus is now on the winter preparation with my trainer, Joel Roelants and the team to be even faster in the next season.

Gatedrop: On the EMX125 series this year, you ended on a real high, where you happy with your season?

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Längenfelder: Yes, I was really happy with my EMX125 season. I made some improvements during the year which helped me a lot.

Gatedrop: You got your first win at a rough Lommel, did you expect that? German riders aren’t really known for their sand speed.

Längenfelder: To be honest, I didn’t expect a win in Lommel but I worked really hard for it and in the end it paid off.

Gatedrop: After the Nations last year you spent some time in U.S and contested the straight rhythm, apart from getting injured how was the trip?

Längenfelder: The trip was amazing and I enjoyed the time in the U.S. I met some great people and learned a lot which will help me on my further development.

Gatedrop: For 2020, what will your expectations be in the MX2 World Championship?

Längenfelder: There will be no expectations. My goal is to become better every single race and show everybody what I’m capable of.

Gatedrop: For the winter, have you got any plans with the team yet and what pre-season races will you compete?

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Längenfelder: We will work hard with our trainer on the bike and next to the bike to be ready for the season. At this moment Hawkstone Park and Lacapelle Marival are planned as pre-season races.

Gatedrop: Was it a tough decision to leave the WZ KTM team after a good year with them?

Längenfelder: Yes, for sure it was a tough decision to leave WZ Racing and I have to thank them again for the great and successful 2019 season. The new team though is amazing and I got a warm welcome and feel already really comfortable with my new crew.

Gatedrop: Anyone to thank/anything else to add?

Längenfelder: I would like to thank everyone who supported me and contributed to it. The big thank you goes to my family, which is always behind me.

Interview: Andy McKinstry

Pic: GasGas